Chapter 13

Joining training had given me a renewed sense of purpose. Instead of thinking about what I had lost, I filled my mind with thoughts of tomorrow. I waited for the fear to consume me at any moment, realizing I had made a horrible mistake in joining. When the fear refused to settle into my bones, I found myself surprised and relieved.  

With something new to fixate on, the tears that waited behind my eyes began to fade and I found myself enjoying my day with Tyra and Nicki. 

"See, nothing a good old girls' day can't fix." Nicki shrugged, examining her freshly painted nails. A smile of approval formed on her face, and she held them out for me to see.  

"Their beautiful." I nodded, taking my wolf's advice to remain in the present. "But how do you fight with fake nails on?"  

"Very, very carefully." Nicki rolled her eyes, "You wouldn't believe how many times I've chipped a nail." 

"Were werewolves, Nicki." Tyra rol

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Bella Jersey
She’s gonna go home a kick ass warrior oh yes
goodnovel comment avatar
Bella Jersey
I think she’ll do well. She doesn’t live she exists
goodnovel comment avatar
If she ends up back with atlas, imma be pissed. Why do writers claim they have a strong female lead when they go back to someone who doesn’t want them? Atlas clearly doesn’t. Her time away has shown that to her. Liam or Dustin would be great fits for her. If Michelle is Liams mate, I’m done.

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