Chapter 14

One Month Later  

Liam had taken time forming specialized groups to locate the rogues. Each day they would venture deeper, scouring for any sight of the rogue's camps.  

For weeks they had come up empty handed, leading Liam to believe the rogues traveled frequently. They must've packed and ran after their loss against our pack, forcing their injured to run or risk staying behind. Liam was determined to wait, knowing that sooner or later they would regroup and return.  

Liam had been kind enough to tell me he was speaking with Alpha's from other packs, informing allies and neighbors of the potential rogue threat. He had mentioned nothing of Atlas, and I refused to ask, regardless of how much I wanted to.  

* * * * * 

"Block it, Rae!" Nicki shouted from the other side of the mat; her blonde hair pulled back in a tight pony tail. Dustin stood beside her; his face set in grim lines as he watched me get beate

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goodnovel comment avatar
Jideofor Ifeanyi
pls jane doe make Liam her mate at the end he deserves to be her second chance atlas can go to hell
goodnovel comment avatar
Kimi Hernandez
What happened to Micah?
goodnovel comment avatar
Melody Mendonca
Author is dragging out her pain too much. Need to see some willpower in that girl

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