Chapter 15

I attended dinner that night with Liam and his family, making idle small talk while my mind was elsewhere. The roasted chicken and potatoes on my plate tasted like ash, as most food did this past month.  

Frustration bubbled in my gut, making my stomach contract in an effort to keep the food down. The anger I had been feeling towards myself was growing stronger, threatening to consume me. Out of all the people I blamed for my Mom's death, I blamed myself the most. I entered warrior training as an outlet for my anger, as a distraction from what my poor decision had done. Instead of finding a suitable outlet, I'd trudge back to the packhouse coated in bruises.  

'We have two options, Raelynn.' Lila snapped, fed up with my downward spiral of bitter self-hatred. 'You can either quit and go back to locking yourself away, or you can try harder.' 

'Try harder?' I scoffed, 'I got knocked out because I kept trying.' 

'Poor Raelynn.' L

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Unique Beddingfield
When do you get another pov?
goodnovel comment avatar
Dondrinea Williams
At this point, I'm trying to figure out why it's called Alpha Atlas??😆
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Bella Jersey
It has to be spell or something

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