Chapter 2

Third Person's Point Of View

"What is your opinion about joint family?" asked Grandmother in a very serious voice and face which made Malika more scared.

The question was easy yet tricky. Playing with her finger she said, "Sacrifice and strength." "Huh? What do you mean by that? Can you explain?" Asked Grandma.

Malika never liked these question and answering session. She felt as if she is giving an exam like 'Answer the following. Explain so and so... Justify your answer.'

Leaving her thoughts, she tried to explain. "Well Ajji (grandma), as you know, living in a joint family is not easy. Sacrifices are done in order to keep peace in family and sacrifice is done because of the attachment and love we have towards our family. This is the strength, a joint family has."

Grandma nodded her head while listening to her answer. It wasn't like they had a big joint family to ask that question. Their family contained Nahush, his mother, father, grandmother and his younger brother. She just wanted to know if Malika is the one who keeps their family together or break them apart. And by Malika's answer, Grandma understood that she's a girl who respects family and will always keep her family together.

"Amol- Supriya (her son and daughter-in-law), you may ask any questions if you have. I'm done with my questioning." Said Grandma making Malika happy.

She thought that Grandma didn't like her answer therefore she didn't ask any further questions. Which means it's a NO from his grandma.

Her thoughts were broken by the knock at the door and her father went to open it revealing a very tall man with broad shoulders wearing formals. Just than Amole said, "What took you so much time to come here, Nahush? Is this a time to come! Anyways Mr. & Mrs. Adsule (Malika's parents), meet him, my son Nahush."

Oh! So he is Nahush. Thought Malika and took a few seconds glance at him just out of curiosity. She hardly saw him for 4 seconds and in that 4 seconds, all she understood is that 'He is handsome.' She wanted to have a proper look at him but she did not as it doesn't look good to stare at any person.

Nahush greeted Mr. & Mrs. Adsule and sat in between his parents. Malika's parents welcomed him and were having a chat with him. Meanwhile, he took a quick look at their house and thought Such a small house it is but it's clean.

Nahush being rich lives in a very huge house but there's one thing which is important in a house according to him which is 'cleanliness'. No matter how big or small a house it is, it has to be clean. He was happy to look at their tidy house.

Looking through their house, his grace went to this right to see a girl. He assumed her to be the girl whom he came to look at as she was the only young girl present in that house. He didn't get to see her face as her face was lower. He didn't try to look at her face as he was not interested in this meeting at all. He was here only for his family's happiness.

Both the families were talking with each other except for the younger boy and girl. Supriya asked few questions to Malika and that was the time Nahush heard her voice. Sweet voice. Innocence was evident in her voice. He just felt to keep listening to her.

He was so into her voice which was disturbed by his father. "Mr. Prakash, if you don't mind then can we let the kids talk with each other?" Asked his father and they were told to go to Malika's room to have a conversation.

Both got up to go to her room. While going in, her eyes met with her mother who gave her warning through her eyes which says, 'Don't you dare mess up anything.'

Understand her Mom's warning she went inside her room and thought, Though I cannot reject this fellow but I can make him reject me. She had already made her mind and smirked thinking about her great idea.

Closing her room door but not latching it, she turned to see Nahush already sitting on the edge of her bed so calmly with a neutral expression on his face as if it was his own room, which made Malika's eyebrows raise. Ignoring him, she went and sat on the edge of the bed keeping a safe distance between them.

Two minutes past but none of them spoke a word. Finally, Malika thought to break the silence. She cleared her throat which made him look at her. "Hmm, do you have any questions for me?" Asked Malik being shy. Being a shy person she is not comfortable talking to strangers.

"No." Was the only answer he gave her. Malika being not sure asked him again, "Are you sure you don't have any questions for me?" Irritated with her repeating the question he said, "What is there to not be sure about? I think I've answered clearly." Irritation clear in his voice which made Malika angry. What does he think of himself! Khadus!

Her last word 'khadus' come as a murmur and unluckily Nahush heard it which made him look at her in anger and said, "What? What did you say?" "What? I said nothing." Replied Malika being confused as she did not know that she actually murmured what she thought in her mind. "Don't act, I know you called me khadus." The realization hit her and she said rolling her eyes, "Why to ask if you already know." It was more a statement than a question that made him angrier.

Wow! Guts of this girl to call me, Nahush Mhatre, a khadus! How could she! he thought and was about to say something when Malika apologized as she felt the way she spoke with him rudely.

Surprisingly, Nahush forgave her easily. He is not the one who forgives easily. Instead, his mind recollected their small quarrel and felt it amusing and chuckled lightly in a low voice.

"Well Nahush, mala tumchashi bolaicha ahe. (Well Nahush, I would like to have a talk with you)." Said Malika looking at her hands. He didn't know why but he felt attracted to her voice. Till now he didn't get to look at her face clearly as she kept it lowered but still he felt attracted to her. "Yes, go ahead." He said in his neutral voice which made her look up at him. Finally, he got to see her face and kept staring at her.

A tiny yet sweet nose, her naturally pink lips with no trance of lipstick or lip balm, fair skin, not threaded eyebrows yet had a proper shape. Black coloured eyes with naturally long lashes, her long black hair which reached till her waist and a tiny bindy in between her eyebrows. Was all he observed and Beautiful, truly beautiful was all he thought.

He felt it very strange to see a girl without makeup. Forget about makeup, this girl did not even have her brows threaded! How is that even possible. Anyways, she doesn't need makeup, she's already very beautiful. Strange but beautiful. He cleared his mind and thought what was wrong with him? Why was he thinking about how beautiful she is?! And concentrated back to what she was saying.

"Nahush, I want to tell you something which you should know about me." Said Malika seriously looking straight into his eyes which made Nahush's left eye raise in questioning. What does this girl have to say? Hope it's not serious. Thought Nahush being a little worried about what she has to reveal.


Published- May 28, 2019

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