Chapter 3

Malika's Point Of View

So here it starts again. I have to tell him about me for him to reject me. Just the way I did with the other three boys.

Obviously, I won't tell him my real reason for not marrying anyone. I cannot disclose my past to him.

Go ahead Malika, you can do it.

"So Nahush, there is something you should know about me before thinking about this proposal," I told him in a serious tone but he seemed not affected. He just nodded his head telling me to continue.

Oye Bacchu, you are not going to be this cool after hearing me. Thinking so I laughed cruelly in my mind.

I got up from the bed and marched towards my books shelf. I opened it and removed a box. Closing the shelf, I marched back to Nahush and forwarded the box towards him.

Signalling with my eyes to take it, he holds the box. He must be thinking 'Why is this girl giving me this box.' so I answered his unasked question.

"Please open it," I told but instead of opening the box, he raised his eyebrows in questioning.

"Are you playing a prank on me? This box must be having a joker or something which will pop up once I open it."

Why would I play such a prank with him? I know I'm a bit crazy but I won't do any prank in a serious situation like this. I just want to make him run away from here.

"Why would I prank you in such a situation! This box doesn't contain any joker." I said in a lower voice.

"If you are cleared with this doubt then please can you open it?" I requested.

"But why should I open it? It's like it's a gift for me that I should open it." He said lifting his left eyebrow.

Something was really wrong with him. I was not understanding why was he so stubborn about not opening the box. A thought came of how would I handle this stubborn husband.

O Deva, what's wrong with you Malika? How can you even have a thought of how would you handle that stubborn husband! He is nothing to you, you'll are still talking about this proposal and here you have already considered him as your husband. Have you lost it! Did you forget your aim?

My subconscious mind gave me a big lecture. But I know what I want. And I don't consider him as my husband tough he is super handsome.  That thought must have just randomly entered into my mind.

Making my mind understand, I approached him and opened the box as I was very irritated with his stubbornness.

He kept staring at me while I was opening the box but I ignored him. Finally, he looks down to see what's inside it and he looked confused.

Here we go Mr. Nahush Mhatre, now it begins.

He took out a few things from it to have a clear view. After a few minutes of going through the box stuff, he finally spoke, "What weird stuff is this?" He asked raising his hand which was holding two photo cards.

'Weird stuff'! How dare he tell it weird stuff! I was really furious. I cannot hear any bad things about them. Whatever it was, I have to make him agree to reject me for which I have to have patience.

"This is what I wanted you to know. This is something that is very important to me. They are my love."

Listening to my words, he made a face which was saying 'Are you crazy?'

Well yes, I am. By his facial expressions, I can say that I don't have to give him a long excuse, he is straightway going to reject me.

"Umm, let me explain. You see there are some albums, photo books, photo cards, etc in the box. They are all related to K-pop."

"And what that K-pop thing?" Hahaha... Common answer.

"K-pop means Korean pop. Those are albums of some K-pop groups. It's actually a group of girls or boys who can sing, dance, rap, act, write songs, etc. They are like 'all-rounder'. They are the best. And those albums are of my favourite group EXO, BTS, BlackPink. It's not like only they are my favourite. There are many in my favourites list like Monsta X, NCT, Big Bang, GOT7, Twice, SHINee, Super Junior, SNSD, etc. Actually, there are many more but I know you are not interested to know. Actually, I really wish to buy albums of all of them but I cannot as I'm not allowed to even though I bought my present albums through my own earned money."

Through all this time I was so involved in fangirling that I didn't look at him at all. Finally, I stopped talking and looked at him to find a neutral expression.

That was strange, to every person I had told about K-pop is to have an irritating face. No one was ever interested to know about K-pop but this man is listening to it without complaining. Strange... Very strange. Not wanting this poor man to suffer my fangirling, I decided to come to conclusions.

"So what I want to say is that I'm a K-pop fan. A crazy K-pop fan. You must not know but the level of craziness, dedication, and love we K-pop fans have are unpredictable. I just cannot stay without K-pop and K-Dramas. I will always be a K-pop fan."

"Why I'm saying you this because even if I get married, I won't leave K-pop and I would not appreciate it if my husband forces me to leave it. I know I'm crazy. I understand that every person wants their partner to like only them, their partner's heart and mind should be filled with only their thoughts, which is right."

All through this time, his expression was the same. I doubt if he had even listened to my blabber. I wanted this to end soon so finally, I said what I wanted to tell him.

"I completely understand if you reject me. Even I would have done the same. I too wish my husband to be the only mine and I would be sad if he likes something so dedicatedly even if that something is really stupid. Who will spoil his life in marring a K-pop fangirl? So don't feel bad in rejecting me."

I told him everything softly and smiled at the end. I was pressing on the word reject so that it will fill in his mind. I told him such crazy stuff that he would think 'How weird is this girl.'

He must have already decided to give this proposal a big NO! But why is he not saying anything? Why is he not showing any kind of reaction? He just kept looking at me with a straight face.

Suddenly my room door opened revealing my Mom. She asked us to come out if we were done talking. Nahush smiled in response got up and went out of the room as soon as those words came out of Mom's mouth.

Aww! He smiles so beautifully.

Malika, get out of his smile and focus.

Mom followed him after giving me an angry look. I really hoped that even this proposal will be rejected and I went to the hall.

"Well Mr. Adsule, we already gave you our answer and I am pleased to tell you that it's the same answer from our son too. It's a yes!"

What! I'm hearing things, right? They have not just agreed to this proposal. Forget his parents, he cannot agree to marry me! Yes, I'm hearing things.

I tried to make my heart agree but what I saw made me very sad. Our parents were hugging and congratulating each other. They even said they would finalize the engagement and wedding date soon and the wedding would take place within two months.

I didn't know what to do and what was happening. Now I would have to disclose my past to him which I'm not willing to do. But I have to. I cannot cheat him.

° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° °

Sneak peek of chapter 4.

"I had been in a serious relationship." She said making me a shock. I did not expect this from her. She looks so innocent and here she already was in a relationship! It's truly said 'Never judge a book with its cover.'

But I don't know why I feel so sad hearing about this.

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