Chapter 4

Malika's Point Of View

Life makes us do such things which we never thought of doing. Just like now, I'm going to the cafe to meet a stranger. Or maybe not?

Umm... Meeting a person once makes them stranger or not? Maybe not but I hardly know him.

Thank God I got a chance to talk to him again. When I secretly searched for Nahush's contact number on my parents' mobile, I was very sad to not find his number. Only his father's number was available which I didn't need. I had to have his number so that I could call him and ask him to meet me. Because by the speed, my and his parents are talking about our marriage, it feels like they are going to tie us in the marriage knot very soon. I cannot keep Nahush in darkness.

Already a day had passed but still, I was not able to contact him. Finally, it clicked in my mind and I searched Nahush on Instagram and send him a direct message, requesting of meeting me privately and to tell my parents that he wants to meet me because if he tells my parents that it's their daughter who asked for this stupid request, they will surely not let me meet him.

At night I received his reply which says a simple 'Okay' and just after 10 minutes my father informed me that, "Nahush wants to meet you tomorrow so after your office meet him. He will send you the address of the cafe."

I was about to ask Dad how will he contact me as we don't have each other's contact number. But why to ask? Obviously, Dad must have given my number to him. Stupid me.

And as said by Dad, I got a message from an unknown number with the address of a cafe which is near my office and at the end of the address was written 'Yours to be.'

Reading what I blushed unknowingly. Finally, here I am, going to the cafe after work, just to meet him to break this proposal.

Nahush's Point Of View

This girl is weird. How could anyone be so crazy about some weird thing which she was talking about? What was that...? Yes, K-pop!

Weird girl and her weird liking. I mean, a spark could be seen when she was talking about that K-pop thing. She was so into her Kpop dream world that she didn't even look at me. If she would have looked at me, she would have known how frustrated I was listening to her fangirling. But after some time, I composed my expression and made a neutral face.

Thought her Kpop fangirling was irritating but her voice was not. Her voice, the expression she made while talking, her childishness, her innocence, that beautiful smile spread across her face was doing something to me.

She told me that I can reject her without feeling bad as she understands no one would like to marry such a crazy girl.

Well, she is right. One would like such a crazy girl but this crazy girl is mine. I felt she's the one for me even with that little conversation we had.

When my parents said that the liked the girl as their daughter-in-law and asked about my opinion, I straight away gave a positive response.

My parents, my Grandma, her parents were so happy but Malika looked shocked as if she didn't expect things to go this way. I don't know why but she looked sad. But I was happy that she is going to be my wife. I was so happy to know that our family already started to decide our engagement and wedding date, though I didn't show that.

Going back, I was again busy in my work. My work is very important to me. A day later I received a DM on Instagram which was from Malika, asking me to meet her but to tell her parents that I want to meet her. I didn't know what she had to say to me but even I wished to see her so I immediately called her father and did as she said. I thought to go through her Instagram but her account was private and I had no intention of sending her a follow request. Even we boys have that ego.

Now I'm waiting for her at the cafe. She's already 15 minutes late. I really hate the people who don't respect time. Out of my busy schedule, I'm here for her and this girl is already so late. It made me very angry.

Yes, I'm a short-tempered person but I don't get angry unnecessarily. I got up and was about to leave the cafe when I saw a figure walking very fastly with sweat covered all over her face. She was searching for something and when her eyes met mine, she slowed her steps and came towards me. At first, I didn't understand as to why this girl is approaching me. Thought her face looked familiar but I was not able to recognize her.

She stopped at a few distances from me and said, "I'm so sorry for being late." Then I recognize this familiar yet unrecognizable face. It's Malika!

Just like our first meeting, she didn't have the slightest make-up on her face but her face was fully covered with sweat. Her hair tied in a ponytail. Not only that but she had applied oil?

I've never seen any working women wearing oil on her hair. Forget working women, even college going girls don't apply oil. Women love their beauty and oily hair may lessen their beauty. Well, I don't think that way but this is what till now I understood about women. But this girl is different.

She looks beautiful even with her oily hair and sweat covered face. My anger melted as I saw her. I motioned her to the seat and we don't sit on our respective seats facing each other.

What is this girl doing to me? This girl is a latecomer. You should be out of here but instead of that, you are still here! What's happening to you?

"Thanks for making this meet arranged." She said placing her bag on her lap. "It's fine. What would you like to have? I've already ordered my coffee while waiting for you." I replied while taunting her of being late. She made an apologetic face and once again apologized.

"Let me come to the point. Why did you say yes for this marriage?"

"And why should I say no to this marriage?" I questioned her back. What problem she has if I say yes? I like her, want her as my wife so I said yes to the proposal.

"You know I'm a crazy K-pop fan. No sane person will be willing to marry a crazy girl. Wait... Are you insane?" She asked lifting both of her eyebrows.

Her questions caught me off guard. She is questioning my sanity. Wow! Just wow!

"I'm sane enough to make an insane person sane," I said leaning on the back of the seat. By her facial expressions, it looks like she understood my indirect answer.

"Okay fine. Looks like you don't care about me being a Kpop fan. That's great but what about my looks?"

I raised my left brow in questioning as to what's wrong in her looks! She looks pretty.

She continued, "Just look at me. Here, look at my hands, it's not waxed. I've never waxed my hands apart from my underarms and legs."

She murmured the last part 'apart from my underarms and legs' to herself but I heard it which made me chuckle. She's going to be very embarrassed when she learns about it. I will surely tell her this after our marriage. Making a note, I again concentrate on her talk.

"See my brows, I've never in my life threaded it. And this..." she pointed her finger at her upper lips. "... I've never threaded even this in my entire like and I have no intention to do that even in future."

"My upper lips hair is almost invisible until and unless you see it closely. Even though who would like a girl like me!" She exclaimed.

"I heard from my parents that you are a very successful businessman. You would obviously want your wife to be very beautiful, perfectly styled and always in make-up and I am not the way you would like your wife to be. You are very rich. You belong to a rich family where else I belong to a middle-class family. Even are classes don't match. Why would you agree to marry me?!

With this, she finally finished her speech and I just kept looking at her and wondering what is she made of?

Every girl I've known had always tried to seduce me, had always flaunted their self around me. And this girl is continuously telling bad things about her looks and her social status. Does she even know how beautiful she is?

Deciding to answer her each and every question, I started to speak.

"Miss Malika, about your hands, waxing, brows and upper lips threading, I don't care either. Your brows are already in perfect shape and your upper lips hair is not noticeable. About your hand's hair, they are slightly noticeable but I don't care." I could see the shock on her face. Maybe she was not expecting this response. Ignoring her shocked face, I continued.

"About my wife's beauty, obviously I want a beautiful wife. I don't want a wife covered with tons of makeup. I've chosen my wife already and she is here, sitting in front of me." She blushed listening to my words. God! She even blushes beautifully.

"And about me being rich and you belonging to a middle-class family is not important. If my family would have any problem with social status, that we would have not even considered this proposal. For us, the values of a family are important." A slight smile crept across her face.

"I think I've answered all your questions. Do you have any more questions?" I asked to which she shook her head in No.

"Do you have any problem with marrying me?" I asked her. I really wanted to know her answer. I started to have a feeling that she is not happy with this proposal.

"No, I don't have any problem with marring you. My parents have chosen you for me, they will obviously decide best for their daughter. But there is one thing which you should know. Maybe by knowing it, you would no longer wish to marry me."

Now she made me worried. What is it that would make me to not marry her?

"And what is it?" I asked being impatient to know what she has to say. She took a deep breath before saying.

"I had been in a serious relationship." She said making me shocked. I did not expect this from her.

She looks so innocent but here she was already in a relationship!

It's truly said 'Don't judge a book with its cover.'

But I don't know why I feel so sad hearing this. I felt a slight pain in my heart.

° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° °

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