Chapter 6

Nahush's Point Of View

"What do you mean by wife-to-be?" Mallika asked. It seems like she did not believe what I said.

"Our conversation is not yet completed Malli, please have your seat," I said while indicating with my hand towards the seat. She silently sat back on her seat and asked while arching her eyebrows, "Malli?"

"Yes, Malli! I think Malli sounds nicer. I hope you don't have any problem with it." I told her with a slight smirk. She just replied with a "Hmm". Even if she has any problem with me calling her Malli, still I'll call her that only. Actually, her name is beautiful, Mallika! But Mali sounds sweeter and I feel closer to her by calling her Malli.

Malli asked if I really don't have any problem with her looks or her style of living. For example, oiling her hair regularly, not removing hair from her body or threading her brows which every girl does, for which I said NO.

Yes, a business man's wife needs to be stylish but it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter if she doesn't wear fancy clothes, it doesn't matter if she doesn't groom herself as every girl does. Being clean, neat and tidy is important which she is. As well as she is even beautiful. She's a natural beauty. At least I won't have to wait for hours for her to get ready. Thinking so I chuckled a little which was noticeable to her.

She made a questioning face to which I just shook my head.

She kept both her hands on the table and asked, "But we can't deny the fact about our class difference. I'm a middle-class girl and you are way too rich. It may lead to some disputes in the future. You may get any girl of your standard, then why me?"

She is back in the class issue again! This girl! Thinking so, I replied to her question, "You are right. I can get any girl from my class, my standard, but my parents chose you. I'm following my parents and grandmother's decision and I don't think that they took any wrong decision for choosing you as my wife. And for our class difference issue, just think that why would my parents look for a middle-class family's girl for me if they had any problem with middle-class people?" I purposely told her that I'm marrying her just for my parents and grandma because I cannot tell my unknown feelings to her.

She just nodded in understanding. She took a look at her wristwatch and said, "Mmm, it's late. I should leave now." Saying so, she got up from her seat.

I too got up from my seat and we got out of the cafe, towards my car. While moving towards my car I said, "I'll drop you home." She just stopped on the way and faced towards me.

"Thank you but I'll go by myself."

"I can understand that till now we are just  acquaintance and you may feel uncomfortable with me but from now on, our every ride will be together." I said with a smirk to which she smiled shyly and shooked her head saying, "No no no no, it's just that I like travelling by train. And who will miss Mumbai local train's journey which is full of entertainment."

I nodded in agreement. We all are aware of Mumbai local train's entertainment.

Suddenly I remembered something and changed my smiling face to a serious one and said, "Mallika, thought getting married to each other is our parents' decision but just like you, even I expect trust, loyalty, faithfulness from you towards our marriage and towards me. Never lie to me, never keep things hidden from me as these are some of the few things which I hate the most. Whatever it is, just let me know. I will always try to understand. I will always be there with you."

She just nodded in approval with a small smile. A smile reached her eyes. I really don't know why she just nods or shook her head. Can't she use a word to speak?

She again looked at her watch and nervously said bye to me. She just walked a few steps and I said loud enough for her to hear, "See you after five days on our engagement."

She turned her head suddenly as soon as I said those words. The shock was well evident on her face. She asked, almost exclaimed, "What?!" God! How cute she looks with that shocked expression. "Our wedding date is also fixed. Your parents will inform you soon." I said with a mischievous smile on my face. I entered my car and waiting for her to leave. She's going to be more shocked by knowing our wedding date. She's full of expressions.

Mallika's Point Of View

My engagement is after 5 days and they have even fixed our wedding date! Just after five days, I'll be engaged. Will I be able to fulfil and manage all my responsibilities, my presents, and my new relationships properly? Deva, please give me strength and always be with me.


Namaskar, everyone!

The story is going slow?

But I think that those moments, those conversations before marriage are very crucial, important as the decision of getting married to that person or not is somehow depended on that small conversation.

Enjoy the rainy season!🌦️

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