Chapter 7 | Naughty Girls

Malika's Point Of View

Waking up from my sleep because of my irritating alarm, I dismissed it without opening my eyes. It is my ever morning story with my alarm clock. It will keep on buzzing and I'll keep on making snoozing until I finally woke up. I'm not a morning person but I always wake up early morning earlier because of my school and college and now because of my job. But luckily today was a holiday so I woke up half an hour late. I really thank God for giving me a Saturday Sunday holiday.

Stretching my arms I opened my eyes and yawned. I felt my both legs on something which felt like someone's legs? Suddenly something soft fall on my nose. My hands reached to remove that something when I realised it's a hand! I turned my face abruptly to see the owner of the hand and signed in relief. It was my cousin's sister.

Then I remember that more than half of my maternal family members ca

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