Chapter 8 | Different In A Good Way

Malika's Point Of View

Doing my morning prayer and reading the holy book, my heart feeling a little peace. Keeping the holy book at its place, I marched towards the mirror in an attempt to take a glance to see how I look but failed because there's no space for me to stand in front of the mirror. Because the area near the mirror is occupied with my cousin sisters. It's good that at least my brothers got ready fast. I thought to go in my parents' room to have a single glance at the mirror but NO! Even that room's mirror is occupied with my family members.

Disappointedly, I reached my room and searched for an empty space to sit. Finding a small space at the corner of the room, I went and sat there.

Since early morning everyone started engagement preparation and after completing the remaining preparation they started getting ready for engagem

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Well tbh being a marathi mulgi it's exciting to read something like this I mean we can rarely find a story having a marathi background and actually using all marathi terms and I'm thankful that I came across this story ...

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