Chapter 19 | Not A Weak Wife

Third Person's POV

Not just life is unpredictable but even every moment is unpredictable. The girl who was happily talking with someone on her mobile is now lying on the bed crying in pain and her mobile on one end of the bed.

The impact of Nahush's punch on Mallika's face was so strong that she started crying like a small baby who must have got hurt and with the force, he was holding her jaw was increasing her pain. With both hands, she tried to remove his hand from her face but it is of no use. Holding her jaw he made her get off the bed and pushed her on the floor. Falling on her right, she supported herself by her hands by falling on her face. Holding her left side face she turned while crying to see Nahush approaching her. His face radiated his anger but she can't deny how handsome he looked with his misplaced hair, trimmed beard, sharp eyes, naturally pink lips, broad shoulders, and

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