Chapter 20 | He Is A Sweetheart

Mallika's POV

"Vahini, tu (Vahini, you)?" Nishant asked holding a water bottle in his hand.

"Ho (Yes), Bhauji," I replied with a smile and walked towards the fridge. Nishat and I are of the same age but since Nahush is his elder brother and I am the wife of his elder brother, therefore, I'm his elder sister-in-law and he calls me Vahini. But I can call him by his name.

While opening the fridge I ask, "So girlfriend, huh?" First, he made a confusing face, and later it clicked him and he said shaking his head, "Oh no-yes, hmm... sort of. The girl on the call is sort of my girlfriend."


"So are you committed with her?" I asked and he started laughing. Did I just crack a joke?

"My dear Vahini, I never am serious about girls and they are my girlfriends just for namesake. I don't believe in committed relationships. It's s

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