Chapter 21 | Married Life A Blessing Or A Disaster

Nahush's Point of View

She's mad! She's totally mad! She was talking to those stupid idols of hers so lovingly who don't even know this antique piece exists who just got beaten up by her husband because she was expressing her love to their photos! I did not think her love- or should I say obsession for K-pop is that deep.

I know I should have at least seen with whom she was talking. But what can I do, it was so unbearable thinking she was double dating or triple dating or maybe dating 'n' numbers of boys and cheating Kavya.

Or you were hurt that your wife loves someone else and not you?

No! It's nothing like that. I was just hurt that I got a cheater wife.

Lying to your self no, are we?

I'm not lying but... but... but it just pained my heart. I don't know why but it just pains me. Whatever it is, I punched her very badly. She somehow tried to control her tears. It
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