Chapter 23 | Bodies Sticking Together

Mallika's POV

"Let's go," he said. The smirk is still visible on his face. He got off the car but I didn't. I was seated in the car seat. I know something is wrong. I know he is planning something... something very bad, so I stood rooted in my seat. I won't go there. Never in my life have I been to any club. What a club looks like, I only know because of movies and dramas. I have never even seen the outside of the club - inside is afar.

Realizing that I am not following him, he came back and opened my side car door. Forwarding his right hand he said, "Come, Malli." with a naughty smile.

"You did this purposely, didn't you?" I asked with narrowing eyes.

"Hmm, you can say that, but I don't like being late. So now, get down fast. I don't like being late."

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