62_ Marry Me, Paige

Finn, who was talking with his friends, tried to call her, but she ignored him and dashed out of the door. 

"Paige!" Finn called and hurried after her.

Immediately she stepped out of the reception which was held in the halls of a fancy hotel. Paige hurried to the nearest hallway.

On getting there, she rested her back on the wall, and closed her eyes, clenching her purse tight. Paige was trying to gather herself before Finn reached her. However, she was not successful. Because in the next second Finn's hands were on her shoulders and he was turning her around.

"Hey, what's wrong? Look at me," Finn said when Paige wouldn't look at him. Tipping her chin, he looked into her eyes. "Are you crying? Don't cry." Finn cooed.

There was something about trying to hold back tears and then someone offering sympathy that suddenly made the tears come faster. That was the case with Paige because immediately Finn cooed that word 'Don't cry.' Not minding sh

Monica Vansa

Hello readers, Four Weeks And A Baby is gradually coming to an end. A couple more chapters and it will be completed. Thank you for reading.

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D Fernandez
This book is so dramatic
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Monica Vansa
Just updated. Sorry for the delay
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Bobbi Ettinger
when are you going to update it

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