68_Take It Off

He pulled away from her then, breathing heavily. His hair was a mess, and his eyes were filled with love, unspent. “Not fair,” he growled. “You are still clothed while I'm naked. It gives you more advantage—"

“Then take it off," Paige commanded. 

His eyes darkened, and he reached out with the intention to pry her off one of two clothes, and with a twist of her body, Paige escaped his arms and ran towards the king-sized bed, laughing when she saw the surprise in his eyes.

She felt powerful, naughty, and so in love. Well aware she was teasing him, and that even though it might seem like he was annoyed, he wasn't bothered by it.

It felt so good being this way with him. Being able to play with him like this. It made Paige smile. Then she saw the bulge in his pants and her

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