69_ The Proposal

There was a strange glint in his eyes. "I'm expected in Italy soon."

It took Paige a moment to realize what that meant.

"You are leaving?" Paige murmured, unaware of the sadness that had crept into her voice.

It must have called to him because his face scrunched up. And his adam's apple bobbed up and down. "Don't say it like am casting you away after one night of sex."

"Then how is it?"

"You know that's not what it is."

Paige squeezed their linked hands, covering it with one of her own and stealing Leo's attention with the trembling of her lips. "We just entered into a relationship and you are already leaving?" What will happen to our relationship when you are gone. You will be in Italy, busy with work while I will be here, what will happen to us. And don't tell me we could go into a long-distance relationship. We've hardly
Monica Vansa

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What about Grandma?

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