8_ A Drunk Girl In The Club

"Paige, what a surprise to see you here." His eyes rested on her, from her curly blond hair to the tip of her heels, and he seemed surprised by what he saw there.

“I didn't think you were the party type,” Leo said, taking a seat near her, and Paige almost swooned as he had taken the seat vacated by Joe. And why was he sitting near her? Paige felt she might have a heart attack.

The only time her boss had ever been this close to her was that time at the office when he was leaning over her to point at something on the screen, and now he was so close to her, she could actually count his lashes. Paige blushed, and he raised a brow, seeming amused by her behavior, and ordered for a drink.

His drink arrived, and he raised the glass to his lips. “Well,” and watched her through the rim of the glass.

“My friend and i…we—er—discovered this club newly, so we decided to come check it out.”

Monica Vansa

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