9_ Conspiracy

The next day.

“My assistant tells me you wanted to meet me here,” Leo said as he reached Alberto's table.

“So the one with the sweet voice is your assistant, huh.”

Leo smiled.

They were in an elegant hotel where Alberto was lodging.

The two cousins stepped in for a hug and a pat at the back. “Good to see you, Alberto.”

“I can say the same to you too, Leo. It's been wonderful.”

They sat down and Alberto shook out a napkin while Leo stared at the dishes displayed in front of Alberto and almost laughed. No wasting time there, his cousin had already ordered all his favorite food starting from the ravioli to the beef brasato.

Noticing Leo's interest. Alberto's lips curved into what would have been a smile on another person's face, but on his face was just a twitch of the lips
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