12_ Fake Fiance III

His eyes were running over her face as though he didn't know where to begin. That thought almost made her laugh in happiness and surprise. Her staunch boss was fumbling for words. He turned to Wesley as though to demand help however his friend shrugged and turned to his phone.

Leo's eyes returned to her. For a few seconds, he did nothing. Paige got the distinct impression he hadn't had cause to seek the help of any woman he wasn't close to in a long while.

Just as she finished that thought, to her utter surprise she saw his face harden, his gaze sharpened. Even his hands on her shoulder had tightened a little in its grip.

“Paige, I know this might come as a surprise to you. But I need you to be my fake fiancée.”

If she understands him correctly, he wanted her to be his fake fiancée which meant she would be around him more often than she normally was. Wasn't that asking to be discovered?


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