15_ Dinner With Her Boss's Family II

Conversations floated around them in Italian, their accents thick in the air with words Paige didn't know. But even though she couldn't understand the words, she had a vague sense they were talking about them, her suspicion was all but confirmed when she heard one of them say in English.

“I say if I was any younger I would have snagged Leonardo for myself,” Aunt Elena declared and everyone laughed. Everyone except Rosa.

When they continued looking at themselves like that still lost in their personal thoughts someone else muttered, “Oh well, just kiss her already Leo. Non so cosa c'è che non va in lui.” And everyone laughed.

That broke them out of their trance and Leo looked down pulling his gaze away for a minute before he looped his arm around Paige’s shoulder drawing her closer and Paige tried not to feel anything but that was impossible.

Because at that action, she had felt
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