19_ Pillow Talk

Paige heard a hmm as he laid down and another one as he sat up, and she imagined him pulling off his shirt and dropping it on the floor. Paige swallowed.

When he settled again, she almost laughed at the thought he couldn't get comfortable on the ground. What with the way he kept turning this way and that, trying to get comfortable. She doubted he had ever slept on the floor before now.

Finally, having mercy on him as none of them would get any sleep done if he kept moving about restlessly Paige said, “Why don't you come up on the bed, am sure it's a big bed and can contain the two of us.”

His movements stopped abruptly, and the next thing she heard was, “Are you sure?” In a deep, dark, drawl.

“Yeah, it's not like you are going to pounce on me or anything?” Paige finished with a small laugh. Feeling stupid for having mentioned that last part.

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