Hidden Truth

    I couldn't help but stiffen at his touch. The whole 'dream' about Namhaid, the saol gra 'bond', the supernatural world, it was all starting to feel like too much. "Nemi, are you okay?" Declan whispered into my ear. I nodded, not wanting to make them any more suspicious. After everyone else cleared out, it was just the four of us. "Nemi, are you sure you're okay? You just don't seem like your norm." Talia said, after a few minutes of uncomfortable silence. I was staring off into the distance, trying to picture the foresty area from my dream. Namhaid told me that he will never lie to me, and for some strange reason, I actually believe him. "Yeah, I'm just still a bit foggy, I guess." I told her, attempting to keep my train of thought, and carry on a conversation. 

    "Nemi, you never did tell us why you ended up here without Vic." Cian offered an alternative subject matter. "I already said to ask Alexander." I snapped in response. Cian shot me a h

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Sorry it's been a while, folks! I am now back to updating on a more regular basis. Thanks for reading!

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