“Okay. You said you’d never lie to me. Why tell me that you’ve waited 700 years for me?” I asked him, giving him a glare. If looks could kill, he would have been dead in that moment. “It is… Complicated. I am not lying to you, I did wait 700 years for your arrival.” He said, simply. “How old am I?” I asked him, not sure if he knew. “Nemesis, you’re not supposed to ask about a lady’s age.” He said, jokingly. I huffed at his answer. “If my parents were fae royalty, why did I grow up in the human world?” I asked, wanting real answers to my questions. “Your parents were NOT fae royalty. However, the power that your tribe possesses can save the whole fae race.” He answered bluntly. “I was told that they- YOU WERE TOLD WRONG!” He interrupted before I could finish my statement. “Anyone other than me, who states that they are fae royalty, are ly

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