Chivalry Isn't Dead

     As we walked down the street, I couldn’t help but look up at the moon. “It’s beautiful, isn’t it?” I asked out loud, more to myself than to him. “MMMHHHMMM.” He mumbled in response. I turned us down my street, and he stopped walking. I looked up at him confused. “My house is right down there.” I told him pointing to my house. As I looked at my driveway, I noticed that my parents’ car was gone. “What is a pretty girl doing outside this late at night?” I heard a voice come from the shadows. I felt Declan stiffen up at the sound, but he didn’t move. I turned towards the voice. “Who’s there?” I called out. “Don’t talk to it, Nemi.” Declan whispered in my ear. I jumped, not prepared for him to lean into me. A tall man started walking out of the shadows. “Oh no no no, Declan. Don&

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