Dinner Date

     Before I could reach the stairs, Declan grabbed my arm. I felt that familiar tingling feeling, and felt the butterflies in my stomach flutter. “Nemi, can I talk to you alone for a minute?” Declan asked me, hopefully. I nodded, and stopped in the middle of the walkway.“Nemi, I’m sorry for last night. I never wanted to cause you any trouble, or lie to you.” Declan started. “Okay, go on.” I told him, wanting to hear what he had to say. Of course the first boy that I liked in forever would turn out to be inhuman. I rolled my eyes at my own thoughts. “We were telling you the truth earlier, but not the whole truth. I want to be honest with you, Nemi. I really like you, and I haven’t liked anyone else for a very long time.” He admitted. “We aren’t just fae. We are fae royalty. There is an ongoing war for the throne, and I’

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