The Sleepover

     “Hey Dad, Cian? We are ready to go to Nemi’s house now!” Talia called as we were coming down to the main entrance to the hosue. “This way, Nemesis.” Alexander told me, pointing to a door to just to the right. I turned the handle and poked my head in. It was a huge garage, with 2 cars and one big black SUV. There was a wall of tools and some other random things on the opposite side of the garage. Cian rushed to the side of the black SUV and opened the back door. “Come on Nemi.” He said, grabbing my hand, and helping me into the giant vehicle. After he did the same for Talia, he climbed into the passenger seat. I thumbed the vial around my neck. “Be careful with that button. Use it only if you have to.” Alexander told me, looking at me in the rear view mirror. He didn’t give the explanation that Cian did. He just left it at that.

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