I ran into the nearby woods, hoping that I could hide from Namhaid. It's like I could feel his presence approaching. "You cannot hide from me, Nemesis." Namhaid called out to me. I rolled my eyes. I silently prayed that climbing this tree as high as I did was worth the trouble. He walked past the tree that I was hiding in. Thankful that I had plenty of coverage up here, I relaxed as I thought of my home. My bithday was in a few weeks, and I should be there planning it with Vic. I frowned as I thought of my best friend, then I remembered what Declan said about her not knowing that I 'went missing'. The feeling and sound of my phone going off pulled me out of my thoughts. "Shit!" I hissed. "Nemesis! Where are you?!" Namhaid yelled through the brush. I could hear his footsteps nearby. "I know you're out here!" He called out. I closed my eyes, and thought of my warm bed. I was exhausted. I felt my soft blanket around me, and the cloudy textures of my pillows under my

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