I jumped at the touch, and turned around. It was Declan's dad. "Alexander?" I said out loud, with a suspicious tone. "Nemesis, let's allow them this long-awaited reunion. Come on, I'll let you drive me home." He told me, with a smile on his face. Why had he suddenly gone cold? I tried to remember meeting him in the past, and if we had ever come in physical contact before. "I really don't feel comfortable about leaving her alone with a woman that she doesn't know." I explained, knowing that Vic had a terrible jugement of character. “Of course I know her, Nemesis! She’s my mother!” Vic yelled from her bedroom window. “You don’t know her, Vic! I really think you need to wait until your dad get’s home, and let them sort all of this out! And since when do you call me Nemesis? What is wrong with you?” I yelled at her in response.

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