Chapter 2: Generous Boss


“Get ready for your task one” he smirked and I nodded.

“Follow me” he ordered and I followed him as he led us to some distinct corner. He looked at the small sensor at the corner of the door and it opened. It was… iris recognition.

We went inside and trust me, it all felt like I am doing some high-level FBI work.

As I stepped inside, he stopped. “You have completely five minutes, find the 56th desktop, and write an email convincing Mr. Houston to agree to 6% shares other than 10%. Only one chance, no mistakes accepted and yes”, he looked at me. “I mean it”

Before my brain was able to process any doubts, he left the room. Five minutes, girl.

I looked at the room. It was very big, more like a hall. I hurriedly looked for the 56th PC, but there were many. They were lined, but if I started counting, it is gonna take a very long time. I skipped some of them and suddenly noticed that every fifth computer is marked with a number. The first one was not marked, so it is not my fault. How was I to know that there are any numbers?

I followed the numbers and almost ran till I reached 55th and then I used the computer next to it.

I switched it on. It was on sleep, and Gmail was on.

Now, how can I convince him when I don’t even have any knowledge of his weakness? I don’t even know about him at all. But I have to do this.

I started writing. I wrote common things, mainly how important this deal is for him and us, and that 6% is more than enough, etc. I can’t mention any personalized pros or cons because I haven’t even read his file or contract.

As I was about to press the send button, I heard the door open. “Times up”

I still wanted to send, so I put my hand on the mouse. “I mean everything I say, Ashley”

I stopped. I don’t wanna make him mad on my first day. Oh, it is not even my first day, it is just some kind of test.

He came to me and looked at the computer screen.

“You think it’d work?” he questioned; his eyes still fixed on the screen.

“Um… Sir… how can I convince him when I don’t know his weaknesses and strengths? I need to have knowledge of his interests and about his personality to catch his attention in this contract. I should have read his file first to at least know the basics of his contract” I looked down and spoke. I don’t expect him to understand, you know, because I have heard that the boss’ of large companies don’t really understand their employees.

“Oh,” he looked at me. “Then why didn’t you say that?”

“Y-You are my boss, sir. Who am I to point anything in what you say?” I said, keeping the very important thing in my mind: that VIP people like him like to be in charge and like to boss around.

“Sure, I am the boss” he spoke. “But you are my PA. You should tell me if you have any problem. If you don’t then how is this gonna work? Just me ordering you around with you doing anything just because of some money?”

I looked at him. Is he really this understanding?

Like… this good?

“Ah… you are right, sir”

“By the way,” he said. “Send the email, it is fine now”

I looked at the email confused. He has edited it in this time!? Gosh, his English is so professional that if I was that Mr. Houston, I would have felt so proud to be even contacted by someone this professional.

I sent it and as I was about to shut it, I saw the background.

“Ashley, your email was good enough. Don’t get demotivated and come to my cabin again. The first room, second floor”

I closed the computer thinking how’d he do that?

Gmail was opened the entire time and how’d he write that and keep it as the background?

Anyway, I left the room and went to his cabin. He still told me his new cabin, even when I asked the receptionist.

I knocked and entered.

“Congratulations on your first task, Ashley” he stood up from his seat. “Can I call you Ash?”

“Y-Yes,” I said as a little blush crept to my cheeks. No one has called me Ash for quite a time, and I love that name.

“You sure?”

“Yes,” I smiled.

“So, Ash” he stood against his table. “Ready for the next task?”

“Yes sir”

“Take a look at those files” he pointed towards a bundle. “Under every respective work, you have to find your name, so that you can get a fresh list of your tasks. Every work is teamwork here, and you are quite not a part of that of course, but there are certain tasks you need to do. For that, every page has a new task, and below are the names written. So, find the tasks which have your name”

I nodded. I have never met any boss who explains everything so nicely.

I went to those files. They were many, but.

“Sir, where do I sit and do my work?” I questioned.

“Well, you…” he looked around. “I am leaving anyway. You can stay here for today. I am in this building only, and you can call me if you have any doubt”

“Thank you, sir,” I smiled to which he nodded.

He left the cabin and I sat down on a seat across his’. I took all the files. I think I’d rather do this by computer. I mean, I can really use some software to do this work other than doing it by hand.

I didn’t know if I could really use his computer. I know it’d be protected anyway, so I got up. But my phone rang. It was a message.

“And yes. You can use my laptop for today. Um… fill the security question by Sacré Coeur Basilica ”

“Thank you, sir,” I texted him back.

He kinds of really read my mind. I turned his laptop towards me and switched it on. There was this alphanumeric password, but he asked me to fill in the security question instead. Why didn’t he just tell me the password instead of this question? I mean, they are both giving me access to his PC anyway.

I entered Sacré Coeur Basilica and it opened. I am still wondering why he chose such an answer. The question was something like your favorite place.

Anyway, I downloaded the software and took my pen scanner to quickly scan the documents and using the special coding language, I programmed it accordingly and it worked!

Well, I learned coding at a small age because I was always told how technology is a really big part of our lives, and frankly, I was just interested.

It took me half an hour to complete my work and I had the new list of tasks in my hand. I went to search for him. I went straight into the reception because I really didn’t know where he was in this entire big building.

“Where is Mr. Brown?” I questioned the receptionist.


“I thought I told you that you can call me if you have any doubt” I heard his voice and I turned around.

“Actually, sir—”

“Let’s talk in my cabin”

“Yes sir” I nodded and followed him to his cabin.

“Now tell me” he entered the cabin.

“Actually” I picked up the final paper from his table. “I just wanted to tell you that my work is done”

“What?” he took the paper from my hands. “How?”

“Um… I used your PC”

“Yeah, but how’d you do it this fast?”

“I just… um… programmed a little in your PC’s software”

He looked at me and there was a simple glow in his eyes which showed that he was quite shocked. “You should have added that to your resume”

“Ah… I just had a little interest in it while I was little. I didn’t do anything legally like studies or something, so” I smiled.

“That’s good. You know what Ash?”

I looked at him more precisely as he called me Ash. “I like people who do smart work more than hard work. And it is hard to say, but I am impressed”

I smiled at my victory as he gave me my paper. “But you know? This was the only work for the entire day. Now you should go to your home, you earned this leave”

I should have gone, but I had nothing to do in that house, the house which reminds me of everything.

“Actually sir” he looked at me. “I would have gone, but I think I’d rather work than sitting at home”

“Okay then” he switched on his laptop.

“Lower the blinds of the window, Ash”

“Okay…” I went and lowered them. What does he want privacy for?

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