Chapter 60: Let's Get The Plan Working


I was so excited when I saw Vincent walk out of their house, filled with sadness. I of course had a camera fixed there to see the drama. However, I couldn’t fix it inside and actually I didn’t want to: I hate seeing her close to someone else and that would have been a felony; that is, exploitation of right to privacy anyway.

I knew this was the time to attack. Lara probably told everything to him, he is the most vulnerable right now.

I went to their house in my car, making sure Vincent isn’t around. I rang the doorbell.

“Chris?” Ash opened the door and I just went inside and she closed it. “What are you doing here?”

“We have to do it now!”

“What? No!”

“Think clearly, Ash. He was behaving weirdly. We need to do this now so that we can know the truth”

“Yeah… uh wait. How do you know he was behaving weirdly?”

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