Chapter 62: Kidnapped


“Heather?” I asked him.

“Yes! She is the one who sent me all those photos and made me believe all the lies. And I came to know you two were working together!” 

“We were but not this!” I yelled at the wrong accusation. “The only thing I made her do was to bring Lara!”

“Do we believe him?” He looked at Ashley. I raged as he referred to him and Ash as ‘we’. 

“There is no ‘we’ in us” She swiftly said and a small smile appeared on my lips. “and yes, I believe him”

“Damn!” He pulled her but I pulled her back and she landed on my chest. “She is not a toy that you are snatching her like that!”

“Same goes for you! She believed me, Vincent. You know I mean more to her!”

“There’s nothing like this, Vincent…” I heard her whisper.

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