Chapter 63: In it Together


“How are you so sure?” I asked him.

“It is her hand writing” he threw the note on the floor. “I’ll help you in finding Lara”

“Why would you?”

“Maybe because I hate Heather” he went out of the house.

I picked up the note just in case I needed it later on and then followed him out. He gave me an earphone. “Sure you know how to use it”


He nodded and went to his car. I wore the earpiece.

“can you hear me?” I heard him through the earpiece.


“Great. You should follow my car, I will take you to her place”


I knew that he really did hate Heather, so I decided to believe him on this. Whatever the case maybe, I will handle it.

“What are we gonna do?” I asked as I sat down in my car and followed his’. 


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