Chapter 65: Just Find Him


I started searching for Lara’s dad. I was shocked when I heard the news. I don’t know why Heather killed her.

I told my men to find him. As soon as someone found his location, he sent me.

“He is staying in a house near the countryside”

“Okay, I will talk to him,” I replied to him and he sent me his location.

I was still in a dilemma about what really was going on with our lives.

I reached him and talked to him. He was disheartened when he heard the news. But in the end, he agreed to visit. 

I said the same to Ashley via message.



I was scared to meet him, but I had to. Soon, I saw him coming to the hospital and I took him out with me.

“Hello,” I said to him.

“Hello. Are you… Ashley?”


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