~Lianna Black~

The golden mirror installed living rooms ceiling was giving a first class view of the erotic sight featuring Ace and I. Arching my back, I gasped as Ace pushed one of his suave fingers inside me, joining his darting tongue, poking my sensitive cavity in a sweet gesture.

Grabbing onto his hair, I was shamelessly rubbing my sex into his awaiting mouth. Ace sucked on my lips, adding another probing finger in the intent of bringing me to a high. Sweat drenched my skin, undoubtedly drenching the rug under me as well.

“So good…” he groaned, his fingers curling, touching my g spot that Ace magically found all the time. “So fucking good,” the squelching sound of his plunge and retreat making me moan louder, screaming his name out loud like sex craved woman. “Does it feel g

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