~Lianna Black~

Austin chuckled at my response. He had the nerve to sit on the couch, cross his leg over the other like he was watching a play in front of him.

“You boyfriend will never leave this island without you,” he mumbled, shaking his head in resolution.

“That’s not my problem now, right?” I huffed.

Austin shook his head, his tawny eyes challenging me. “Yes. It is my problem and I have the perfect solution for this.” Motioning for his men to come out of hiding, a stout one approached him and handed over a table in his awaiting hands.

“Did you grovel back to your father’s feet?” I inquired. Curiosity might just kill the cat.

Austin’s hand stopped from scrolling on the screen, his face hardening as he lifted his gaze back at me.

“He asked me.” Austin expounded, his tawny eyes burning with fire - angered by my insult. “He begged me to come back.&rdq

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irma leal
omg 😲😔🤔
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Sonya Scott
Ace can't be dead. Maybe Mr Black is going to save them all.
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Kree Geraldine
This has got to be serious intense thought out plan.

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