~Lianna Black~

My chest was painful. Agonizingly hurting. There was an open wound in my chest, like a bottomless pit that was dug by my bare hands.

I was staring blankly at the tablet screen. Gray, black, and white dots replaced the video I was watching. The little colors dance from left to right, right to left, over and over. I was silently hoping that the signal was just jammed. Because of the trees on this path we are taking or because of the mountain…

The signal is poor.

This is just poor signals.

Holding onto the locket in my chest, it felt so cold against my skin. It was weighing like tons of bricks, pulling my head down, making me bow to my mistake.

I shouldn’t have pushed Ace to save Hannah.

It was wrong of me to regret my decision. Nothing will come out of it. Both of them are gone. Both of them are just memories in my life now.

Ace is gone.

He’s never coming back.

My child will never m

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Rhonda Hawkins Childers
if I get to the end of this and Ace has faked his death so Luca can give her a better life I will not read any more of your books. I am so tempted right now to just delete it and just go with the ending I want. UGH

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