~Lianna Black~

The feeling that I’m near the end of my life’s story is both sad and exciting. Will my life end in a painful death or will I find peace before I take my last breath?

One thing is for sure, my life is never easy. Nothing in my life is a walk in the park. Even death.

The sole of my bare feet leaves a damp foot shaped mark in every step I take. It’s getting warmer, must be because of the thick large sweater I was wearing or the sun rays that were hitting my face.

Shadows of the boat’s metal skeleton railings passed by my sight as I ran. My breathing was uneven, my chest heaving hard – inhale, exhale – calm and steady. My throat was fighting the urge to breathe in a big deep inhale of sea air. To do so, I have to stop and that’s not an option.

A silent prayer running through my mind when I saw men doing rounds on the upper deck. I managed to get out of the lower guest deck. I breathe out a curse

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