The humid summer air, with it’s traces of fresh water and wildflowers, had always been my favorite. It was especially fragrant here, in the field of golden grass I often visited.

Even as I sat on the thick quilt I had brought along, I longed for the feel of the grass beneath my feet. Rummaging through my bag, I pulled out a cherry-almond croissant I had saved from my bakery.

After all the years, it was still up and running. The new management was a feisty girl named Kiara, whose pastry experiments often turned out incredible.

This place had once been secret, but as I watched the children laugh and play, I couldn’t bring myself to regret sharing this place with them.

A piece of the purest happiness I had ever experienced, countless memories full of it—all of which were made here.

There were six of them, three boys and three girls, darting through the grass with earsplitting grins on their faces. Some were missing a few baby teeth; others were c

Jane Doe

I wanted to thank you all so much for reading. Through the ups and downs, Im proud of the novel I wrote. Even with its imperfections, the fact that so many of you enjoy my work, it means the world to me. For the first time, Im doing what I love and its a feeling everyone deserves to have. I plan on writing so much more for you all, and I hope to improve each time <3.

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I loved the book, however I wish the epligue would have been more focused on auras twin boys and alec,Kade and tori and zayne. This was way to sad..I hope to read more of your books with happy endings and short happy stories of the characters in the end..
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Betty Strait
i think so far, this one was my favorite
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Loved this book at times I couldn’t put it down so well written I might have to read it again! Although I would have liked a bit more about Tori and Zayne’s life or maybe that’s another story in itself….is there a book on them??
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