Chapter 7

"What the fuck is this?" Kade snarled, his rough hand wrapped around my wrist.

I leaned over the table uncomfortably while Kade and Alec glowered at the fading yellow bruise that stained my pale skin.

"It's a bruise." I snapped, trying to yank my arm away from the two of them.

Kade's eyes hardened at my defiance and a yelp escaped my lips as Kade roughly pulled me onto his lap.

"What are you doing?" I hissed, feeling my face flush under the glances of the other customers. "I'm at work!"

I'm at work? Was that really the best I could come up with. I pushed my embarrassing comment to the side, knowing it would keep me up at night.

"Our family owns this place, no one cares doll." Alec's full lips turned up in a smirk but his eyes remained hard.

"Get off of me, Kade." I hissed, trying to squirm out of his ironclad grip.

"You might want to stop doing that, sweetheart." Kade chuckled lowly in my heart.

A deep rumble emerged fro
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Laura Vargas
Oooh it’s getting good
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Rochelle Ross
man what a night and what do tori know...
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Vdwestvm Virgi
the twins are werewolf's damn

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