Chapter 9

Gym class was last, and I was completely dreading it. The Volleyball and Basketball lesson was still going at full force.

Luckily, I was placed on Autumn's team.

"Just stay close to me, and when the ball comes run the other way." Autumn chuckled, slamming her locker shut as we walked out into the gym.

"I appreciate that." I nodded gratefully.

"And keep away from Grace, not that I think she'll be a problem anymore." Autumn shrugged.

My brows furrowed in response, "What do you mean?"

"You didn't hear?" Autumn smirked, her eyes flickering over to Alec and Kade.

The two of them were in the middle of playing basketball, outrunning the other guys on the team with ease.

"Um, no." I stared at Autumn impatiently.

"Apparently Alec flipped out on Grace." Autumn shrugged, "And she went to Kade all upset."

I ignored the strange pang that went through me. It felt oddly similar to jealousy. What was there to be jealous of? I did
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Wait what! 32 point for 13 pages!?!
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Julie Ketley
it tells you when you try to read next chapter.
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I hate how every chapter is a different amount but I really like the book so far

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