Chapter 19

I felt hands wrap around the tops of my arms, and a strangled scream left my throat.

Fear was a powerful thing. I had never experienced it in it's fullest. Fear cripples the mind and clouds the senses. Fear brings out our most animalistic tendencies, forcing everything that makes us human from our minds in an attempt to escape, to survive.

I didn't look into the eyes of the person that grabbed me, nor did I want to. A strangled scream tore through my throat as my hands lifted to defend myself. The strength I once had was waning, but I used what was left to its fullest. I kicked, punched, and clawed the person touching me.

I only bothered to look up when the person's hands left my body and my bottom hit the sidewalk.

Kade and Alec looked absolutely fucking horrified. Like I was a caged animal who had escaped and was now on a murderous rampage.

I watched the emotion's shift in their eyes when they took in the state of my face. I h
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Krys L
these chapters cost WAY too much...
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I don’t know why but Aurora is starting to piss me off
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Keyiah Merritt
She needs a f***ing break

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