Chapter 21

I somehow managed to get through an entire shift without once running into the twins. 

I finally emerged from the bathroom after pulling myself together and was pleased to find the twins had already left. My pitiful joy was short lived when Cameron handed me a note.

"They wanted me to give this to you." Cameron frowned, "They didn't hurt you did they?"

"No." I shook my head. That was all the answers I was willing to give.

"Good." Cameron nodded, "Just making sure. Men who hit women are scum."

"Agreed." I nodded.

"Here." Cameron grunted, "Take my phone number in case you need anything."

After getting over the initial shock of Cameron being nice to me, I looked down at the note in my hands. I waited until Cameron walked away to read the messy scrawl on the paper.

'Quit avoiding us, Aurora. We need to talk. Alec & Kade'

Of course the simple note had my heart thundering in my chest. Not a chance in hell would I risk

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Heather Geffken
the chapters are too short and cost too much for what u get. I am close to losing interest
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Good book but asking for way too much for the very short chapters. I have 8 books so far with less then 3% done. I have spent over $10 cash to not even get 1%.
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Sandra Overton
love the story just wish it didn't take day by bay to read

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