Chapter 22

Snapping branches tore me from my thoughts and my heart nearly stopped as two wolves walked into the clearing. I had never seen wolves in person before, only in pictures and movies. I was sure wolves weren't naturally this big. The two were nearly identical, both the color of midnight. Their fur was shiny and glistening. I had expected wolves to look much dirtier, living in the woods and all. While I wasn't sure the geographical placement of wolves, I was also fairly sure wolves did not live in Georgia. What troubled me even more was that I wasn't afraid. It was though my mind and body had simply accepted my death as inevitable.

My mind played through the scenario. Aurora eaten by wolves. Grace would probably dance with joy while Tori and the twins wondered what happened to me. Would Melissa even notice when I failed to come home? Did wolves leave any scraps?

I was so lost in my thoughts I hadn't noticed the two wolves were sitting only twenty feet away, simply staring

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Zannang Duniya
Wow I can't wait to know what happened next.
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goodnovel comment avatar
Yes! Exactly what she needs her long lost dad! She may reject him at first but he will protect her and teach her how to be a wolf!

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