Chapter 25

An hour was much too long to get ready.

I brushed my hair, and changed my clothes in ten minutes. That left me fifty minutes to contemplate what the hell was going on. Fifty minutes to realize how horribly my fractured life had been upended. 

Once hour passed, and Garrett knocked on my door. He didn't wait for me to answer, he simply poked his head inside until his eyes locked on my own. 

"Ready to go?" Garrett asked, his eyes shining brightly.

I nodded, grumbling something unintelligible and stood to my feet. While my face was somehow miraculously healed, my ankle was anything but. Occasionally dull pain would twitch up my ankle, making me wince. 

Garrett and I walked downstairs, to where Melissa and Frank were sitting on the sofa. Frank was drunk, as usual. Melissa was desperately trying to keep her gaze off of Garrett. Her eyes kept flickering from the TV to his towering form. I resisted the urge to scoff, she's more interested in

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Comments (17)
goodnovel comment avatar
Kelly Turner
I bet u grace is her sister
goodnovel comment avatar
Erica Boeh
I’m at the part where her wolf tells her to watch and all of a sudden my head just thought ….Watch Grace be her half sister lol
goodnovel comment avatar
I guess Garret is also part of the twins pack...

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