Chapter 27

'I thought you'd never ask.' The voice huffed, 'You can call me Thalia.'

'The voice in my head has a name.' I nodded. 'This is great.'

'Look at it this way, we're improving.' The voice sounded happy.

'Improving?' I scoffed, 'More like descending into madness.'

'Hey, I'll be along for the ride.' The person in my head grinned, 'It'll be fun.'

'Y'know, I didn't expect the voice inside my head to be so damn optimistic.' I rolled my eyes.

'Get used to it, Aurora.' The voice chided me, 'I'm here for the long run.'

'Great.' I sounded unenthusiastic.

Garrett looked over at me from the corner of his eye, concern evident in his gaze.

"Feeling alright, Aurora?" He questioned, more concern flooding through his tone.

"Yup." I popped the 'p' on my lips, "Just talking to the voices in my head."

I wasn't sure what made me say that, but I didn't really care. This week has been one for the books. I was nearly one hundred per

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Comments (20)
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Erica Boeh
I have a feeling her wolf is about to go crazy on some bullies like she did on Melissa
goodnovel comment avatar
Erica Boeh
Great!!! So now she’s stuck living with more assholes that are going to treat her like crap. Go alpha on all these hoes
goodnovel comment avatar
I hated people who always want to stay weak, bullies will kept bullying you if they saw you cower! Aurora should face her problems/opponents not running away from them! I hope her character will not be this weak for long or I'm going to put this down...

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