Chapter 92

While they were  one hour before the plane reach the airport, Alice remembered something important. 

"Oh right, guys." She called out everyone's attention. 

She invited everyone to come to her friend's birthday that was only a few days away. 

"She insitedly told me a few times that I should invite you guys. She really wants to see you on her birthday." 

"Ugh...She did?" Grey reacted. 

Grey remember the first he met Alice's sister and it was somehow traumatazing ang embarassing to think about again. 

"Yeah, so when is it?" 

"It's in the next day. The place where it will happen is still a surprise though. You guys will find out when we get there. We'll be picked up with a limo so it's a secret." 

Everyone was positive on going and they all go back to what they were previously doing.  

"So, after we land, will you go with me? I'll head straight back to lilac grounds and you

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