Chapter 97

"What did you say?! Then the car who came here earlier, that wasn't from you guys? Then who was it?!" Nick felt angry and confused. 

"Wait, did you say another car like this came here before me?" 


"So that's what is going on. I need to inform Vice president about this." 

Nick was confused with what he's hearing. 

"Huh... what??" Nick said. 

"It's alright, everything fine. You don't need to worry about it, you can go back to the party and Young master will surely be with you later after we finished." the driver said. 

On the other hand, Grey was tied and blindfolded. 

"I didn't expect that they'd be moving this early. We only found out about what is going on behind the scenes." Grey murmured to himself. 

Isaac had already moved forward with his plans, Sebastian and Grey didn't expect them to go along with it this early. When the driver told Sebastian what occured he wa

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