Grey Young: I'm rich?
Grey Young: I'm rich?
Author: Ilsa Malanino

Chapter 1- Cold night

  It was summer of the year 2018, I was just relaxing at the park, feeling the breeze of the wind, and just minding my own business is the best. I hope it's like this every day. But, such a thing can only happen in my dreams.

My name is Grey Young and I'm a third year student in college here at Millian University. The well-known university in Amity hill city for having many rich students and promising students.

Whenever I'm having trouble and I'm feeling lost and alone, I would always hang out here at the park. This is my favorite spot in the whole campus.

Back when I was still a child, I lost both of my parents in an accident. When I received the news that both my parents are gone, my mind just went blank and I couldn't take it at all. That was the worst thing that could ever happen to a child of 6 of age. It was the most heaviest day, my body just couldn't move from shock and I lost it.

Everything that I've ever cared about all my life simply vanished on that day. I will never see the two people who I've ever cherished the most again. I will never experienced again how they come up to me and hug me with a smile, they will never scold me when they're angry. I was left alone.

The only family I had left was my grandfather. He was the only one who had made effort to save me from my depression and loneliness. I was taken in by my grandpa after my parents died. He taught me various of things during the time I was with him. I learned many things about antiques, history, medicine, martial arts and even how he manages all his business. After reaching the age of 15, I went to a boarding school. I thought to myself that I should try myself to be independent from him. After I went to highschool both he and I didn't had much contact and now that I'm already in college, I still haven't talk to him.

Many years has already passed, I'm already in college, I'm 21 years old and I can only barely sustain myself with the money I earn from tutoring some highschool students during my extra time. It really is hard to support myself while I'm studying. When I feel stressed, sometimes I come here at the park and relax.

In the afternoon, as I was lying besides a big oak tree at the park. I felt a presence near me that is slowly coming close to where I'm at.

The person was still coming close and closer and boom.

"Booo! Mr. Young why are you here? Your class is still ongoing? I'll report you to your department!hahaha."Nick said as he was impersonating a teacher.

"Ah it's just you. I thought it might've been a real teacher,"he replied.

This person is one of my close friends, Nick Taylor. Nick was my friend since highschool and we were classmates for three years. After graduating we decided to study at the same university. We chosed different courses but we still spend time together. He and I are both staying at a dorm here in Millian University. Just last year he became the dormitory head of the west wing of Selinn Dormitory. Both of us stays at the same room with our other friends.

"Hey, What are you doing here again?" Nick slowly sat down beside Grey. "I thought you were supposed to tutor another highschooler again this afternoon?"

Grey turn to the other side and replied,"Yeah I just finished that. More importantly, I told you to stop coming while I'm here, right? And why are you alone? Where's the others?" 

"Ah them, they still have class. Their subject have a different schedule from us." he replied as he was smiling gently.

"You're not even in my department!"

"Even so. We have the same schedule, just the subjects are different."

"So are you gonna stay the whole day here?"he irritatedly asked.

Nick nodded and grinned while looking at Grey.

"Ugh, this guy."he murmured.

They spent the entire afternoon lying at the park. When it was already dark, they decided to head back to the dorm.

"It's really cold tonight, huh." Nick said as he was shivering form the cold.

"It's your fault for staying with me; let's just go inside."

They went inside and walked up the stairs to their rooms at the second floor. As they were about enter to their room, a tall, blond guy approached them and said with contemped voice,"Well, well, well. If it isn't the errand dog of our beloved Selinn dormitory. Did you get enough money from tutoring today?hahaha"

It was Grey's classmate and the dormitory head of the east wing of Selinn Dormitory, Reggie Harelle. The famous rich student of Millian University. No person in the whole university does not know who he is. He is a handsome playboy that always flirt with any woman he can get to.

Reggie is the eldest son of the Harelle family. Their family is famous for having to own sixty percent of the Flynn Chicken fast food in Amity Hill city. There are about 20 Flynn Chicken restaurant around the city and 12 of them are handled by their family. They are a very wealthy family that earns about two million dollars annually. 

Nick replied,"What do you want Reggie?"

"I'm not talking to you Taylor, I'm talking to my pet."

"What do you want?" Grey then asked.

"Oh I'm just here to ask you if you would be kind enough to deliver this package to my friend waiting at the central fountain at the park.– he then throws a hundred dollars and the box to Grey's face– "Buy me a water after you deliver that. After all he is the errand dog of our dormitory."

"What do you think you're doing? Grey's not obiged to do what you order him!"Nick said with a very infuriating voice.

"That's why I'm asking him. Isn't that right Grey?"

While Nick and Reggie were arguing, Alex and the others had just returned.

"What going on here?"

Reggie ignored the guys who'd just came back and continued to pester Grey and Nick.

Grey answered,"Fine. I'll do it."

Nick then said,"Grey why are you just accepting it just like that? Just head inside and I'll deal with this.–" "No it's fine. I'll be back later."

Nick just stood ther quietly as he couldn't convince Grey to not head inside. He felt really angry at the same time but all he could do was trust him.

"I'm just gonna deliver that package to the park right?"

"Yeah of course that is all."

Alex and the others were puzzled because they don't know the situation occuring in front of them.

As Grey was walking down the stairs, Shane and the others then throws a bucket of water all over him. Shane is a fellow classmate of Grey and a friend of Reggie who keeps on bullying Grey.

"Ahahahaha you're like a real pauper now," Shane said.

"Hey!" Alex was outraged." What the fuck are you guys doing!"

"Stay out of this you pathetic loser!" Another friend of Reggie, Drew said.

"I'm gonna call the supervisor." Nick said as he rushly ascent to the third floor.

Grey just stood there silently, all wet and cold; His clothes were drenched.

Alex then said, "Grey, you don't need to do what he says. Just stop listening to him and head inside the room for now."

Grey only smiled bitterly and continued to walk away. He was infuriated. He could only hear the faint laughter of Reggie and his friends as he was leaving the building. He couldn't do anything against them. If he did, his other friends would have been in a bad situation or they could be treated just like him. That is why he just enduring it and simply brushing it off.

He then thought,"Ugh, one day just you wait! I'll make you pay." he then reached the park and headed to the fountain. "Where could the person I'm delivering this to be now? I want to finish this up fast so I could change my clothes. Ughuguh, It's really cold tonight, Nick was right. I'm still soaked and it's already late!"

After hours of waiting, he saw a guy at the park. He thought that this could be the person he was searching since there aren't anyone else in the park.

As he approached the man and asked,"Hello? Are you the a friend of Reggie Harelle? I was asked by him to deliver this box to his friend that's waiting here? Since you're the only one here I'm assuming that it's you."

The guy then turned his head to Grey and said, "Oho, I am that person.–" "Is that so! Here's the box he sent for you. Then I'll be on my way then."

"Wait."the guy called." There is something missing here in what he gave you."he grinned as he was slowly walking close to Grey.

"He didn't gave me anything else other than that.–" "No no no. You see, he's supposed to put here some money and yet why is there a note here saying that if we didn't see any money here we could just get it from you?ha ha hah ha!" the guy was laughing. He laughed louder and louder as time goes. He then stopped and then he slowly raised his hands.

Grey was confused of what was happening. He was scared by this crazy man's laughing. He didn't know what to do since he was only given this package and nothing else.

"What's more is there for me to give you? He only gave me this package."he said to the man.

Group of men suddenly appeared. He was then grabbed by two big thugs behind him. Grey didn't notice them coming out from behind.

Grey didn't know what to do in that situation. He was hysterical, he obviously realized that he was going to be beat up.

Grey suddenly shouted as he was not in the right mind,"Hey I already gave you everything. What the fuck are you doing!"

"Isn't it obvious in this situation haha" he replied as he was laughing crazily. " We're obviously going to - He then swing a bat towards Grey - "beat you up!" Grey recieved a heavy blow from the big thugs holding him. After that he was hit by a bat. Grey fell down as he was suffering from the blows.

"Reggie gave you some money. I know it. This is going to be grat play time for us haha!"

They then continued to beat him up after that. Just as they got the money from his pockets, flashes of light were seen coming close to them. They all scrammed and swiftly cleared tge area leaving Grey all beat up in the ground. Alex and the others came searching for him with the dormitory supervisor. Someone must have heard or seen them mugging up and mercilessly beating up a single person. The guards carried him up and went to the hospital.

Grey fainted. All he could see were blurry images and his friends coming to rescue him. All the thugs escaped and he was left. He lost consciousness while the guards were carrying him to the university hospital.



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