Chapter 2 - Hospital visit(1)

The next day, when he woke up he was already at the hospital. His friends were all there with him as he woke up.

"Grey are you allright? You were brought here last night." Nick said.

He didn't remember much after he was carried by the guards.

"You idiot I told you not to go. Look what happened."Alex worriedly said.

Grey only laughed faintly. Good thing that there weren't any serious injuries. He was only left with a couple of bruises.

"I told you not to follow his orders, right? Look what happened to you?" Nick said in an abrupt manner.

"Don't worry I'm fine–" " How does this look fine to you?You're lying in an hospital bed, you idiot! Good thing that we rushed to the park with the guards. If we were any minute late I don't know what worse could have happened to you."

"You shouldn't do what he tells you to do starting today. You should avoid him and his friends."Alex then said.

Another friend of him, Philip Smith said,"If only one of us were your classmate, we could be with you all the time."

Alex then remembered something. He then suddenly said,"Kath was here a few minutes ago. She and her other friends came to visit here earlier but then had to go already because they have classes early in the morning."

"Aah. Okay. Did she tell you guys anything?"

"Ow right she also said to give this letter to you if you wake up."Philip replied.

Grey then grabs the letter and read it contents.

"Hello, if you ever wake up I already left early because I have class. I bought you some fruits and the girls left some other food there at your table. I'll be visiting you later so just wait for me there."

"Ahh so she's coming here again later."

After he finished reading, loud steps were heard coming from outside his room. Boom. The sound of the door opened abruptly as person dashed to where Grey was lying. He then jumps up to the bed hitting Grey's wounded body.

"Guh What the fuck are you doing Kyle!"Grey said as he was filled with pain from being hit in the chest.

"You idiot bro, Why did you just followed what he ordered you to do just like that? You're just making unnecessary decisions all by yourself. Look what it brought to you?"

Grey faintly smiled and answered," I'm okay Kyle It didn't hurt that much when they all ganged up to me."

"You know that your friends are always with you, right? Why didn't you rely on us? You know even if you follow what he says there are still other students that they're gonna bully? You can't save them all just by letting Reggie and his friends do wahtever they want with you! We, your friends are always here for you, so try to rely on us when you're going through something, okay?"

"Yeah my brother's right Grey. From now on keep relying on us more!" Alex said with a smile on his face.

"On a another thing you should hurry up and get out of the hospital. Do you know that Kath's birthday is coming up? It's only a week left you know." Kyle added.

"Oh right her birthday is coming up close and I haven't bought here a present yet," Grey murmured.

"Well, you should just rest for now and we'll think of ehat to do with the birthday when you're already out of the hospital." Nick said.

"We'll leave now since we still have classes this afternoon. We'll visit you again tomorrow, okay?" Philip said as they exiting his room.

After they left, the room was filled silence and no one was there. All the other patients were resting and some are outside at the park below. 

A few minutes later there were footsteps coming from outside his room. They were very large footstep, you could feel that it wasn't coming from any normal person. Ut was really tense.

The door to his room then opens. Grey was still having some thought. He is thinking of who could be coming to his room. After that the footstep were coming closer and closer to him. He then looked to his front, it was big old man wearing a black suit. He has gray hair and he is wearing glasses. The man walks up close to his bed.

The man suddenly bowed down to 90 degrees and said to him,"Young master, I sincerely apologize for not being able to aid you in your times of trouble."

Grey was surprised to see a big man bowing infront of him. He was so shocked to see this kind of thing happen. He didn't know the person and why he was doing it. He thought to himself if he could've met someone like him in the past but he really couldn't recognized his face or his voice. He was very confused of the situation and it was really awkward.

Even though he was in an awkward situation Grey then couragely asked,"Who are you? I think you got the wrong person, I'm sorry."

The old man was surprised and he then apologized.

"I'm so sorry young master, I suppose that you don't know who I am. You were still very young when we have last seen each other. Let me first introduce myself, I forgot to tell you my name. My name is Sebastian Harris. I am one of your grandfather's trusted butler. I am entrusted by your grandfather to your side. He told me that the time for you has come. He entrusted me to serve you and closely pay attention to you because of this incident."

"Huh? Grandpa sent you here? It's time huh."

"Yes, he sent me here to see if you were fine and he also wanted to confirm if you were having problems during your time in college. He didn't know that you were living like this and were going through such a tough time. He was actually supposed to come here with me but something came up so he didn't have the luxury to do so."

"Ow, Okay. Can you tell him that I'm doing just fine and please tell him that I will come home this coming winter break. By the way, where is he?"

"He was very busy at the time and wasn't able to visit you so he sent something for me to give you instead. He said it was a gift for your twenty-first birthday.

"Ah, I've also already taken care of the hospital bills so you wouldn't need to worry about it. And also the doctors have said that you'll be able to get out here in five days. You just need to rest until then."

Grey felt relieved of the what he had just heard. After that Sebastian handed over the gift to Grey. It was quite small box.

Grey then replied,"A box?"

"Master didn't tell me anything other than it was a gift for you. He also gave this letter."

Grey simply received the letter and opened it.

"Oh, another letter I see.I'll read it then."

"Dear Grey, I'm sorry I wasn't able to pay you a visit. Something happened with one of my company that I needed to look into, that is why I didn't have the luxury to go there. I had already tasked Sebastian to follow you from now on. He will be your own personal butler.

"When you open the box that I had gifted you, you'll see inside the box a golden plated black card. That premium card is my gift for you, use it to your heart's content. I also bought a company for you there at Amity hill. It's already being tranferred to your name and you don't need to worry about anything. Your other company is also located there at Amity hill so I will simply turn over the ownership to you. You just need to sign up a couple of things."

"Huuuuugh! He bought me company!? And what is this about me having a company already established here?"

After reading the letter he then opens the box see the black card that was mentioned inside the letter. 

"Hey what am I supposed to do with this?"

"Young master I think that card is for your account in the World bank. It's a premium black card that holds about a minimum of one billion dollars. Only a couple of those are here in the region. And also I don't know how much money that card holds. Your grandpa didn't mentioned anything to me."

"One billion dollars is the minimum! What did he think am I supposed to do with this card? He also bought a company for me that's located here in Amity hill!"

"Yes, He bought the Calle M group who is supposedly the largest company here in Amity hill. Your granfather told me that he bought that company for 10 billion dollars. It's main office building is located here and it has about 14 branch office around the country. It mainly focuses on the development of many real estate, entertainment and other things.

And the company that is in your name is the Lilac commercial grounds which is located below the Amity mountain. He said its net worth is about 8 billion dollars as of this year and it's coming close to 10 billion this winter. Lilac commercial grounds was developed about fifteen years ago when you transfered to your grandpa's house. It is now very famous for being a great place for people to relax and simply enjoy themselves. It also have great scenery too." Sebastian added.

"What?! Why would he buy me the Calle M group?"

"He said that it was a gift for your 21st birthday so it's got to be extravagant." Sebastian replied.

"You know that the Calle M group owns almost all the famous and high class hotels in the city, right? And most of thwm were developed by them too.

And what is this about a company I own? He never mentioned this to me before. Do I really own that commercial place? It is where wealthy people comes to visit right? And most of those wealthy people have their business set up there. Even the famous Spring castle is there. So it means that I have ownership of those too."

"Yes, the businesses run there in the Lilac commercial grounds are mostly owned by you. Some are even listed in ykur name. There are just some establishments there that are managed by wealthy families but you still have about 70 percent ownership of the place. I'm actually the vice president of Lilac commercial grounds, Young master."

"You are?"

"Yes and I had brought with me the necessary papers for you. You just need to sign here.The vice president of Calle M group will be visting you here tomorrow with me to also sign the necessary papers."

"I can't believe this. This is rather too much."

"Your grandfather actually said that this is rather small but I told him that it should be enough for now."

"Really, this is too much! Too much!"

I really can't believe what happened just now. After that I became the wealthiest person in the city and i'm still studying in university!"


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Vicky Labsan
I like the story. from rags to riches,
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Jasmin Diokno
Nice story of a guy who is working hard for his education and living a poor life only to be surprised that he is rich.

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