Chapter 3 - Hospital visit(2)

"This really hit me hard. What am I gonna do now?"

"Young master Grey I'll be visiting you again in the morning with the vice president of the Calle M group."

"Whaat? Can you tell me about who this vice president is first?" Grey hysterically asked.

"Ow, the vice president of the Calle M group is called Mr. Swain. He is actually quite young, he is only 32 years old and he's already a vice president of a major and powerful company. He's quite the character, I think you'll like him very much!" Sebastian said with an assured look in his face.

He also added," Take your time to rest for the rest of the day and I'll visit you again. This is my business card, contact me anytime you want.–" "I actually lost my phone last night. I don't if I left it at the park or when I was being carried to the hospital."

"If that is the case, I will buy you a new phone today and I'll bring it with me tomorrow."

"Thank you, Sebastian."

"You're very much welcome, Young master. I'll be on my way now."he said as he was closing the door.

The room was filled with silence yet again after Sebastian left. Grey was still in shock from everything. As he was passing time he remembered that his friend Kath will visit him again later in the evening. He was then back with his usual self.

After some time passed and it was already evening. Grey was excitedly waiting for Kath to visit him. He heard the door of his room was opening and he thought that it was his friend.

"Is that her entering the room? Ugh, why is she late? The visiting hours is only until 10 in the evening.

"What are blabbering about?" Kath who just entered the room surprised Grey.

"Ahhhk.. You. You're already here?"he said.

"Hahaha. Sorry I was quite a bit late."

"No no it's fine. I was just resting here all day, it's fine." Grey quickly replied.

"Okay!"Kath replied with an innocent and captivating smile.

"I was contacting you earlier but you didn't even anwered all my calls. I was really starting to be upset you know. Hmmp."

Kath cutely said while making a puffy face.

"Ah sorry sorry. My phone was missing since yesterday so I didn't know you were calling me."Grey said.

"Ahahaha. I'm just joking. You don't have to worry about that.–" "I'm actually getting a new phone tomorrow, I asked a friend to buy me one."

"Is that so? Then I'll write down my contact info here so you can just add it to your contacts after you get your new phone!"Kath excitedly replied.

Grey then happily nodded.

After that follows an awkward silence. No one was talking.

"So what did the doctors say about you? When can you leave the hospital?"

"Ow, they told me that I still need to stay here for a couple of days but I'll be released next week."

"Is that so?"

They talked for a couple more hours.They had fun that night. It was already late when Kath returned to their dorm.

In the next day, Sebastian visited the hospital again.

"Young master good morning."

"Good morning to you too." Grey replied.

"I've brought with me today Mr. Swain the vp of Calle M group."

A man behind Sebastian then moved closer to Grey.

"Hello Mr. Young, I am the vice president of the Calle M group." He reached his hand and shake Grey's. "It is nice to finally meet you."

"It's nice to meet you too Mr. Swain."

"Mr. Young, you don't have to be so formal to me. Others would look at you differently if you address me, your subordinate formally."

"But you can just call me by my name if it's okay."

Okay I'll just call you Mr. Louise then."

Louise then just happily nodded. After that Sebastian brought out a box and gave it to Grey.

"Young master, I've already brought what you've asked me yesterday."

Grey opened the box and saw his new phone. It was a high quality phone costing for about 1,700 dollars. It was a black smart phone that has been just released.

"Thanks a lot Sebastian."

Sebastian and Mr. Swain then discussed with Grey about the company. They then signed the necessary papers for the company. After talking, Sebastian and Mr. Swain left the hospital.

Then a few days have passed and Grey was already feeling well, he was discharge from the hospital. He informed his friends that he was going to be discharge today and he told his butler Sebastian to accompany him.

When Grey was almost to the exit, five Rolls-Royce Phantom stopped near the pathway. People near the exit were all startle and astonished of how beautiful those cars are. People started to chatter.

"Look, look those are such expensive cars."

"Those are really expensive luxury cars! Only high class people can have that many of them."

"Is there such a rich person in the hospital now?"

People around the hospital continued to prate. They then went closer to the cars. As they were about to get closer large men in suits came out and block them.

Grey was feeling dumbfounded. He clearly knows who sent all these cars just for him. The car door opens and the person inside slowly got off the car, it was his butler Sebastian. He then rushed to Sebastian.

"Hey Sebastian, what is all this! Doesn't this bring too much attention! Why are there so many guards too!" Grey whispered.

"I'm sorry Young master, I didn't thought that this is too much. I had already sent the other half back because I thought that this much mill be fine to you."

"What are you saying?This are all luxury cars and all five of them! There are even too much guards!"

"My apologise Young master. Next time I'll only bring three then."Sebastian replied with a straight face.

"Are you kidding me? Even if you bring one it would still bring much attention, you know?" Grey murmured to himself as he looked at Sebastian's straight face.

Some of the guards then came closer to Grey. They bowed down infront of Grey and greeted him,"Good morning Young master Grey, it is nice to finally meet you!"

Many onlookers grew even more. They have already surrounded the place. 

"Did they say Young master? It must be a young rich boy! Ugh, I wish I could meet him!"

Many people keep on chattering at the side. 

"Ugh I can't see his face, there are too many guards!"a girl said.

They couldn't steal a glance on Grey's face since many guards are blocking the area. They could only glance at his back, some have even took some picture.

"We should get out of here first."

They entered the car and left.

So where are we headed to Young master?

"Can you stop calling me Young master! From now on you can simply call me Mr. Young or Mr. Grey. So about your question I was thinking of heading to the world bank first because I want to check my account's total balance."

"Okay then Mr. Young we shall head there now."

They then reach the world bank. As they were about to get off the car. Grey told them that they should not bring too much attention and then they decided to send off the other cars back and only two remaining cars was left.

When they entered the building, a beautiful lady in her 30s then walks up to them. It was the branch manager of the world bank in Amity hill. Her name was Dorris Brown and she was the one in charge of this branch. She then greeted both Grey and Sebastian as they entered the bank.

Dorris know who is Sebastian and what family they are from so she sinply pay her respect to them and lead them to a private room to talk.

"Hello Mr. Young, I' have already checked your bank account's balance!" She then gave Grey the documents regarding his account. 

"What is this! It's. It's 15 billion dollars!" he said with his face turning blue. "Why did grandpa gave me this much?"he mumbled to himself.

"It is already expected too see this much Mr. Young since you are from the prestigous Young family. Everyone at the top brass knows how wealthy your family are. Your grandfather is well known in the main branch at Marwood city."

Grey's face was dumbfounded at the moment. He was amazed by what this lady had told him. They continued to have their conversation for about an hour and they left.

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